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Caro's Cocker Spaniels Go into Cyberspace!

We are Kenzie and Cauley, Caro's special pets. My name is Kenzie. I'm the older dog, a pure-bred cocker spaniel. My pal Cauley is part dachshund. Susa, pictured above with our sweet mommy, came before us. She is our role model. We aspire to be as good a dog as she was.

We're not quite sure what Caro has in mind, sending us out into cyberspace. But we are brave little dogs and love a new game. We also enjoy showing off!

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cocker spaniel, 11,865 bytesKenzie and Cauley, being good while Mom's away!
Look closely: Kenzie jumps over Cauley.cocker spaniel, 14100 bytes
cocker spaniel,10,700 bytesCauley & Kenzie, couch puppies

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Oops! Where'd that bad dog
come from?

Cauley and Kenzie,
puppies who love to clown around.
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More of my favorite photos of Kenzie and Cauley and their friends.

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