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Caro's Cocker Spaniels Go into Cyberspace!

Here we are again. Kenzie and Cauley with some special canine and feline friends. Bailey and HB live next door and come over to visit every day. Dancer and Barkley, a couple of cool cats, send email regularly. Nate from Texas barks on the telephone once in a while. And any day now, I expect Joey will board a plane and come visit us from California. He'll be accompanied by my sister Minna. You didn't think he would fly alone, did you?

Bailey and HB
from next door
play with Kenzie
doggy friends,8600 bytes
cocker spaniel, 16,700 bytesWe're not asleep.
Wanna play?
Julianne's cat Dancer
sinks or swims?
cocker spaniel, 14100 bytes
cat, 16,075 bytesJulianne's other cat Barkley shows off a lovely fur coat.
Cauley has the bed to herself now, just as she likes it! dachshund spaniel, 7,900 bytes
dog, 14,948 bytesNate from Texas
carries on a conversation with anyone who will listen.
Minna's cat Joey
King of the Cushion
grey tabby, 12600 bytes
cat, 13,579 bytesJoey plants himself
under the redwood tree.
He's a cool California cat!
John and Jayne's cat Furface
Gorgeous Fur!
longhair cat, 16700 bytes

cocker spaniel,1000 bytes Send a note from your canine companion to caro at chipsters dot com!

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