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In the Beginning: Okay, so you've come to my site, maybe to be entertained a bit before you get started on the real work that is piling up for you. Little bit by little bit, it piles up while you sit here stuck on my web pages. To do what? To learn more about this 'crazy character', Caro Fe?

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Well, then I'll get started. I was born way back in the boon ages on a long dark dirt road, which was truly the boonies! Actually that's just where my family originated. Ok, this isn't MY house, but you get the idea.

I was lucky to be born in a hospital, to a terrific woman who cared a great deal about me even though I made an even dozen for her! She loved me more than the rest, I'm sure of it!

Isn't it true, mothers tend to be drawn to the 'unruly child', to the one in the fold who seems to be 'butting her head against a wall'. Yes, well that was me till I learned about Occupational Therapy. Then my problems were all solved and I joined the human race, whose creed of 'doing unto others as ye would like done to you' fitted in nicely with my new life’s philosophy.

I began life as a baby. Usually, a very happy one. This photo of me at six months proves that I had a sense of humor.

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A few months later, I was ill. But the photographer had already set up the studio, so my mother felt obliged. Being a sweet Southern lady with good manners.

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A frolicking young girl was I. Here I am at the tender age of five. In first grade.

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By age seven, I had become a very funny kid. I was showing my independence here by cutting my own bangs!

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