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Favorite Flower
This red flower is my favorite. I think it's called Red Coral Bells, Latin name, Heuchera sanguinea. It's a lovely shrub which blooms in spring and summer.

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Favorite Color
Take a guess. It's a three-letter word that starts with R and ends with D.

I love the vibrant color r*d! R*d roses, r*d noses on a clown, my r*d Jeep! The color makes me happy. So happy that I'll give you a long-stemmed rose. You have to turn sideways to see it.


Personality Plus
Learning about myself is a favorite activity. An online personality quiz, with seventy questions, tells me that I'm an iSfJ. the Protector. Another pictorial quiz, with only nine choices, says I'm Independent, Unconventional, and Unfettered. What Personality Type are you? Click on the picture below, take the test, then return here and tell me.

avant-garde "You demand a free and unattached life that allows you to determine your own course. You have an artistic bent in your work or leisure activities. Your urge for freedom sometimes causes you to do exactly the opposite of what is expected of you. Your lifestyle is highly individualistic. You would never blindly imitate what is "in"; on the contrary, you seek to live according to your own ideas and convictions, even if it means swimming against the tide."

Favorite Outdoor Activity
Walking. Simply walking. No parasailing, extreme skiing, or hang-gliding for me! Walking is great: it exercises the body, calms the mind, and restores the soul. I love to walk in a beautiful park or beside a tree-lined lake. But my favorite place is the track, because there my dogs are free to run without leashes. Kenzie and Cauley get a big kick out of it!

Oops! Gotta go for "walkies"! Kenzie and Cauley were reading over my shoulder, and now they are waiting at the front door. ;-)

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