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I like my job as a C.O.T.A. The Internet has tons of information on the subject of Occupational Therapy for professional and layperson alike. These are some I've enjoyed. You can connect with other therapists, find out about continuing education, and look up vital information at the Stanford Medical Library.
Cocker Spaniels, AKC   Doggy World   Save a Cocker Spaniel!
My cocker spaniels Kenzie and Cauley asked me to tell you about these sites. They are very proud of their breed's presence on the Net.
Emmett Kelly, Jr. clowns   Buy cute clowns!
You know the saying: "Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone"? This isn't true if a clown is your friend. Happy or sad, a clown will always match your mood.
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Desktop Themes are so much fun. The theme program is free. The Web has many sites that offer free desktop theme sets. So there's no reason to have a boring desktop!
my sister
Here's Minna's corner of the Web. We have a deal. She scratches my back and I scratch hers.



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