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How to make a Rainbow Arch or a Shoulder Arch

Rainbow Arch, 9600 bytes

1. Buy a hula hoop and cut in half. If your patients do not have full range of motion of the shoulder, then cut the hula hoop more than half.

2. Cut a board approximately 40" long and 12" wide. Sand till you have an extremely smooth surface. To protect against wood splinters, seal the wood with several coats of varnish.

3. Drill a hole on the flat surface of the board at both ends, spaced about three inches from the end. To space the holes correctly, measure the distance between them by marking the spot with the hula hoop. (With the hula hoop placed on the board, draw the spot on the board where it fits.)

4. Place shower curtain loops onto hula hoop (half circle). You might want to tape up the loops to get them out of your way while you attach the hula hoop to the board.

5. Insert wood cork into the ends of the hula hoop, leaving half of the cork out.

6. Coat the exposed wood cork with wood glue and insert this end into the holes on the wood. It may be necessary to drive a small nail into the wood cork. This should be done from the bottom of the board and at an angle in order to keep anything sharp from being exposed.

7. There you have a nice Rainbow arch for about half the cost of a store-bought one.


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