Clowning around
caro as a clown, 7,380 bytes

An assortment of clowns on a shelf. clowns on a shelf,17,000 bytes
Pretty clown lady, a special gift from my sister clownlady,7200  bytes
Three clowns three clowns,11,876 bytes
"Mr. Man", handmade by my sister Betty and me clown man, 11,103 bytes
Clown doorstop clown figurine, 5839 bytes
Clowns misc. clowns miscellaneous, 14,593 bytes
Clowns gifts. clowns miscellaneous, 22,700 bytes
Clowns daddy-0. clowns miscellaneous, 10,100 bytes
Chinatown quartet. clowns from San Francisco Chinatown, 26,800 bytes
My Puppet puppet clown at the door, 13,800 bytes
Party Clowns party clowns, 13,000 bytes
Slumber Party clowns, 20,700 bytes