A Wall of Clown
clown card, 25,395 bytes From my sister Shirley & niece Erin
with this poem

Dear Caro,
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and to say a special 'Thank you'. Thanks for being a 'Christmas baby'. As I recall all our Christmases, it has always been the event of your birthday that caused me to pause (in the hurried holiday excitement, in the awe of tinsels and flickering colored lights) and remember there is "something else" to celebrate at Christmas: your birthday.

In being a Christmas baby, you have given something very special to us year after passing year. You have inspired us to stop and reflect on the true meaning of the holiday: the birth of a new Hope for All, in the embodiment of a new born babe. Yours has been a solemn and noble torch to bear; as an ambassador of Hope for a brighter Future.

In the computer age, speed will increase the difficulty of reflecting on this true purpose. Lest we all forget why it is so important to be compassionate, loving and kind NOW, we need living symbols that stand erect and herald in the Future. As a symbol to reflect new life, you have wittingly chosen laughter, the Clown, to act as mascot before the on-going procession of Hope. May we all come closer to understanding through the guidance of this dichotomy of joy and suffering.

The Best to you with much Love,
Shirley and Erin